A Student Midwife’s Experience of Post Traumatic Stress & The Healing Power of Caseload Midwifery

My story of post traumatic stress triggered after a difficult day on placement, the subsequent difficulty of accessing the right help and diagnosis and finally the profound impact of the continuity of support received as a student from a team of caseload midwives. How love, support and encouragement from likeminded midwives aided my healing and made me the midwife I am today.

Birth Reflections – #metoointhebirthroom

This story is one that sadly I am sure echo the stories of many women, every day, around the world. One which this amazing woman has offered to share and whose voice I believe every single person who comes into contact with women during labour and birth needs to listen to. A woman who believes that continuity of carer would have made a difference to her experience. You only have to look up the #metoointhebirthroom hashtag on Twitter to have a glimpse into the unacceptable treatment women are experiencing, but these stories only just scratch the surface.