The caseload model of care has the potential to impact the lives of women and their family, as well as Midwives. There is an endless supply of strong and credible research that supports its need within the maternity care system. It is a model of care that should be available to all that need it or want to work in it, both in and outside of the NHS.

A profoundly career affirming experience with a team of caseload Midwives during my training as a midwife is why I am so passionate about continuity of carer. It saddens me that so many midwives are put off of the caseload model because of their experiences of working their hardest to provide continuity in a model of care that does not support this and thus viewing this as what caseload care would be. The aim of this campaign is to highlight how important this model of care is for women, for families and for Midwives, by sharing stories of lived experiences of the caseload model. I hope that this will help dispel the myths and misconceptions around what this model of care is and is not, to hopefully help more Midwives see this as a viable option to work in and subsequently provide more caseload Midwives for women.

This is something that feels like it is our right to have as a woman and as a midwife.

If you have a particular story you’d be happy to share on the blog please do get in touch continuitymatters@gmail.com, use the hashtag #continuitymatters on twitter to share your views and join the Facebook community for regular blogs and updates on the campaign.

Thank you for your support

Michala x