Hayley’s Story: The twin birth of Tobias and Maximus

On Saturday 10th March 18 I woke up at 6.45 am having a few niggly pains. I asked hubby to take the girls downstairs so I could have time alone to see what came of them. I was 40+8 and hour later I knew this was definitely labour. Hubby took kids to grandmas and I … Continue reading Hayley’s Story: The twin birth of Tobias and Maximus


Continuity – The Epitome of Being ‘with Woman’

Its meeting her for the first time and not having any preconceived ideas about what she should feel, what she should want or what her needs are. Its being quiet and listening, for as long as she needs, to allow her to speak and open up to her innermost fears, hopes and dreams that she … Continue reading Continuity – The Epitome of Being ‘with Woman’

A Student Midwife’s Experience of Post Traumatic Stress & The Healing Power of Caseload Midwifery

My story of post traumatic stress triggered after a difficult day on placement, the subsequent difficulty of accessing the right help and diagnosis and finally the profound impact of the continuity of support received as a student from a team of caseload midwives. How love, support and encouragement from likeminded midwives aided my healing and made me the midwife I am today.

How Do We Implement Continuity of Carer?

This is a plea for those who have successfully implemented continuity of carer to get in touch. We have all the literature, government and health policy and union support to start continuity, but how exactly can we start something ourselves? I think inspiration would be helpful from those who have done this already to help others see how achievable it is.